The project will smarten up the area, including making it more green and leafy, taking out some of the clutter on the pavements and generally making it a more pleasant place to live, shop and work.

Improvements will include replacing the pavements to remove the current patchwork of paving materials and to remedy the current poor surface water drainage.


The removal of redundant street furniture, guard-railing and unnecessary signage will reduce street clutter and the over provision and poor sighting of traffic signs. New strategically placed street furniture will improve the surroundings whilst helping to stop illegal on-pavement parking.

Hatfield Road, Victoria Road and Bruce Grove are all closed to through traffic onto St Albans Road. These existing road closure spaces are currently inactive and cluttered, so the opportunity here is to create small ‘squares’ of high quality public realm and community space.


Unused planters will be removed or reused and new planters and street trees introduced to create a more pleasant environment and soften what is currently a road dominated by traffic. The new soft landscaping will have a significant impact on the feel of the area and can improve air quality. The location of the new street trees and planters can also be used as barriers to parking on the pavement. A new sustainable drainage system will help with irrigating the trees and alleviating some of the drainage issues on the street.

There is no cycle lane on St Albans Road and many cyclists avoid the road and instead cycle on the footway. Whilst a new segregated cycle lane is not currently planned, the opportunity is to signpost to the cycling ‘quiet way’ along Bradshaw Road and Sandringham Road. New cycle stands will be installed to provide parking facilities for cyclists while allowing a clear flow of movement for users of the pavement and help prevent illegal parking.

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